Mayday 2001 A Time Line

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7.30pm: standoff in Oxford Circus 
Police and protesters are left in an uneasy standoff in Oxford Circus, with the rump of cold and wet demonstrators remaining penned in by riot police and awaiting permission to leave the area.

IndyMedia reports that police containment is contributing to a crush at the centre of the crowd in Oxford Circus. The site adds that police are starting to release people one by one from the Holles Street containment area, after searching and photographing them. A total of 35 people have now been arrested.

A police announcement urges the core of around 1,000 protesters hemmed in at Oxford Circus to move towards the centre of the area and tells them that if they remain calm, arrangements will be made for them to leave as soon as possible.
Two protesters who climbed on to a balcony of the John Lewis building in Holles Street, Oxford Circus, rip two CCTV cameras from their mounts and pass them down to the crowd. They also strip metal segments and pass them into the crowd where people appear to be trying to smash John Lewis windows. Meanwhile police mount a charge on Oxford Street as they come under a hail of bottles from protesters attempting to join other campaigners in Oxford Circus.

According to reports from IndyMedia, the demonstrations appear to be petering out, with most protesters leaving the Oxford Circus area. Around 1,000 protesters have moved on to Mayfair where a good-natured carnival atmosphere is prevailing, the site reports.

More trouble breaks out at Oxford Circus as police move in to arrest a protester, and are forced back by a volley of missiles outside the boarded up windows of Niketown. They are forced back to join their colleagues sealing off Oxford Circus at the junction with the eastern part of Oxford Street. There is no indication when the 1,000 people crammed into the sealed-off Oxford Circus area will be released.

31 people have now been arrested. The London ambulance service said that 15 people have sustained minor injuries, with 10 taken to hospital.
Officers, some on horseback and some wielding batons and shields, exchange blows with demonstrators at several points around Oxford Circus.

Riot police clash violently with protesters in the flashpoint area of Holles Street near Oxford Circus. Several protesters emerge from the melee with bloodied heads. One protester had to have his head bandaged and said: "I got kicked in between the legs and then hit over the head with a truncheon."
Police say all the 29 arrests are for "relatively minor" offences. Protesters trying to break out of Holles Street on to Oxford Street fight a battle with dozens of police, and officers use batons to keep back protesters taunting them with chants of "scum, scum".

Two of those arrested so far were detained for causing alleged criminal damage in a Sainsbury's store in Victoria Street, central London. IndyMedia reports that the police have requested the closure of Bond Street tube.
Protesters have broken through police lines at Holles Street, just off Oxford Street. Police charged protesters with shields and hit some with batons.
IndyMedia reports that windows have been smashed at the H&M store in Oxford Circus. A group of around 500 protesters are making their way west down Oxford Street to Marble Arch, police said.

A group of around 40 white-overall clad Wombles make an appearance at the protests and lead a group of hundreds of protesters to Portland Place, north of Regent Street, Guardian Unlimited reporter Simon Jeffery reports.
Police have closed Waterloo, Lambeth, Vauxhall and Hungerford bridges to pedestrians, Scotland Yard said. Police on Regent Street launch another baton charge in new clashes with demonstrators after some of the crowd moves north to Cavendish Square, then storm through the line of police in Holles Street.

London ambulance service said seven people are being treated for minor injuries in the Oxford Circus area. There have been a total of 29 arrests, Scotland Yard reports.
Police make the following announcement to protesters at Oxford Circus: "You are being detained here to prevent a breach of the peace and criminal damage to property. You will be released in due course."

Scotland Yard says 22 people have been arrested and one person has been wounded. Police in riot gear and protesters remain in a tense standoff at Oxford Circus.

IndyMedia reports that police have begun using batons.
IndyMedia reports that police are sending snatch squads into the crowd on the north-west corner of the crossroads at Regent Street. Scotland Yard says the number of arrests now stands at 18.

The police containment zone has been expanded to half way down Regent Street, IndyMedia reports. One demonstrator is carried away with his face covered in blood. Officers in riot gear replace officers in regular uniform policing the demonstration.

Police come under a hail of wine bottles, beer bottles and sticks as protesters attempt to surge forward into Regent Street. The demonstrators advance momentarily before being pushed back towards Oxford Circus. Scuffles break out among the crowds.

Police have estimated the number of demonstrators gathered at Oxford Circus at about 3,000.
Some reports said "up to 10,000" have gathered in Oxford Circus and are now penned in by police vans and officers. The demonstration is noisy but mainly peaceful.
"Riot police in many side streets getting ready for something - but the crowd in the area are relaxed and in good spirits although very tightly packed", IndyMedia says of the situation in Oxford Circus.

14 people have so far been arrested in the capital during the demonstration, Scotland Yard said. Westminster Bridge has been closed.
Police block off all exits from Oxford Circus where several hundred protesters have congregated. Exits along Regent Street and Oxford Street are blocked by police vans. Dozens of officers are stopping those inside the police ring from leaving.
The protest in Oxford Street continues. The Metropolitan police says a total of 10 people had been arrested, mainly for the possession of cannabis and offensive weapons.
There are reports that Oxford Street has been closed to traffic and the tube stations have been closed.

IndyMedia says around 1,000 protestors are moving quickly up Regent Street and protesting against the World Bank. Protesters are gathering outside Nike Town in Oxford Street and giving out Monopoly money. The demonstration has remained peaceful.

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