Justin R. said...

this series is really looking good. loved your stuff in Inside Burgerworld!

Mark Granier said...

This is superb work, the real deal. Reminds me of Koudelka (but you have your own vision). I watched the slide show too, hugely impressive: the trees, the portraits... Bravo.

Can you tell me if this is a regular Blogger website? Or do you pay extra? I like the simplicity, very elegant. Any advice on how to set up one of these (or something similar)? I only have a Flickr website so far.


bds said...

Cheers Justin, the new hamburger eyes mag should be out in the next month or so.
Mark yup its just a regular account, it pretty easy to set up, the slideshows are hosted on the lightstalkers site and the blog just links to them. Im just using a standard template at the moment, its nice and simple

just start one from here




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